Stephen PritchardThe Observer
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« Sombart’s playing is superb: technically precise but possessing a flexibility and freedom that lets the music breathe.»
Laurence VittesStrings magazine
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Gorgeous sound and triumphant majesty, no less! "From its opening subterranean depths, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s recording, starring first-desk players and one of its favorite pianists, moves with leonine size and purpose. It is elegant, immensely powerful, and yet in the Larghetto, plays with a hushed, chamber-music feeling. Both violinist Duncan Riddell, who soars the way a concertmaster should, and cellist Richard Harwood integrate splendidly with the RPO and with French pianist Elizabeth Sombart in terms of gorgeous sound and triumphant majesty. In matters of portamento, Harwood swoops now and then in the most wonderfully flamboyant way that has no stylistic precedent other than contributing to the general exhilarating fun, and so it works. Pierre Vallet conducts like he really cares."